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Safari Aviation Services FZE was established in January 2004 in SAIF Zone (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone) with its main line of business being procurement and supply of aircraft spare parts, aircraft tyres, and commercial aviation products. The company has since offered its services to a number of operators, MROs and other suppliers.
SAFARI AVIATION SERVICES is geared to undertake the most demanding requests, by providing cost effective, high quality  and reliable spare parts and aviation materials   .
Our professional experience and technical expertise is crucial to our success. Despite ever-increasing stringent regulations and controls within the aviation industry, our customers trust our infrastructure and ability to meet such challenges and provide impressive services.


We represent leading aerospace manufacturers and stock their products locally, saving our clients valuable time and shipping cost.  


We are one of the largest aircraft spare parts stockists in the region. 
We stock almost  everything consumables,  expendables, and rotables, which saves the operators time and cost. 


We manage our own components repairs, why don't you gives us a chance to manage your repairs, and you will also enjoy the benefits of cost effectiveness and high quality.   


Our inventory contains more than 235,000 items.

aircraft tyres

We are the Authorized Distributor for  Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited  in the Middle East and North Africa, currently we stocks over 30 different sizes of Aircraft Tyres to support our new and existing customers. 
For more than 100 years Dunlop Aircraft Tyres has represented excellence in the aviation industry  with over 500 approvals, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres can supply tyres for over 300 different types of aircraft in the civil and military aviation market. 

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essex pbe’s

We are the exclusive authorized distributor of  Essex Industries for Essex PBEs & Breathing Equipment in the Middle East. The Essex PBE is designed to provide crew members with ocular, head and respiratory protection during emergency conditions in an aircraft cabin. A minimum of 15 minutes of protection is provided to the wearer, as aviator's grade oxygen is released into the unit. Its unique design provides 270° of visibility. The PBE holds FAA TSO-C99/C116, & EASA ETSO-C99/C116 approvals.

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We are as the authorized distributor of Nitto Aircraft Tapes     (formerly known   as Permacel tapes) ) for the Gulf region in the Middle East.
Nitto manufactures high quality aerospace tapes that meets and exceeds   the   stringent demands  and specifications of the aerospace industry.
Nitto offers a wide range of tapes including sound and vibration damping, heat shielding, speed aluminium foil tapes, protection tapes, high performance flame retardant cargo tapes and carpet tapes.



We are the exclusive authorized  distributor for   Skytrac Systems. 
Skytrac  is  a  state  of  the  art technology that allows operators     to     track their aircraft’s movements and its status from ground. 
The system can collect data from aircraft’s vital avionics and transmit alerts along
with 4D position to the ground. using the Iridium satellite constellation. the system will also  provides text messaging, data transfer, and satellite phone capabilities.
Skytrac   is   in  compliance with ICAO’s  new  requirements   for GADSS.



We are the authorized distributor for Aviation Laboratories (AvLab) in the Middle East region. AvLab Specialty in:
– Aviation Chemicals DICE Fuel Additives,
-  Clear View Cleaners and Polishers
- Full line of lubricants & degreasers.
– State of the art laboratory testing services.
– Bacterial inspection test kits for Jet Fuel.  



We are the authorized distributor of Oshino Lamps, OL have been approved for more than 4 decade by major aircraft manufacturers all over the world, high quality lamps ranges from sub-miniature to sealed beams and miniatures to fluorescent tubes meet all requirements of the specification and will, in most cases, outperform them.


local inventory

We provides access to thousands of different aircraft parts for immediate delivery from our stock in the UAE. These parts range from wheels, brakes, tyres, components, avionics, LRU’s, emergency equipment (PBEs & Life Jackets), filters (elements & filter kits), lamps, seals and packings to rivets, fasteners, bolts, washers, nuts, sheet metals, lubricants, adhesives, tapes, cleaners, fluids and aviation chemicals. 

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Safari Aviation Services is member of the “ASA” (Aviation Suppliers Association) and our quality system has been accredited by TAC-2000 under the provisions of FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B.
We are always committed to our robust quality standards, our quality control is an integral part of every function at Safari Aviation Services, this includes sourcing, storage, sales and deliveries.